Banbury School of Voice

A system based upon the Master Teachers of the Bel Canto Era who taught the greatest singers of the 16th through 19th centuries and recorded by history as fact. History shows that these Master Singers would compete even with the best instrumentalist of their day and far surpass all of them with greater tone,volume, beauty, and stamina. Beautiful voices have always come from God-given muscles every human possesses. The Great Secret to a great voice . . . say the old masters . . . lies in the method of exercising these God-given soul motivated instruments. Some of the Masters say that the physical must be mastered first before the soul can become free to truly express itself.


Established - Houston 1970



Voice lessons taught by a private voice teacher and vocal coach with over 45 years experience located in Houston, Texas. Uses New York system of professional voice training to take students from an amateur to a professional level.

Students interested in musical theater, opera, nightclub, recording, American Idol, Miss America, Praise music, choir, Karaoke, audition and public performance training have greatly improved themselves under this New York system. Putting voice muscles into peak condition results in a level of singing usually far surpassing student’s expectation. Knowledge of vocal anatomy brings an awareness of talent potential otherwise hidden until exercise reveals natural God given ability. When other teachers would not advise singing to be pursued as a vocation, time after time high motivation has overcome the most severe obstacles and lead many persons even to attain to careers in singing. Most people want to sing just for their own personal enjoyment, but well enough not to embarrass themselves. Many of these, when their voice develops discovers they have the ability to become very good singers. From here some students go on to the next level which is public performance training in small group classes. American Idol contestants benefit greatly from this visual-side of performance training for auditioning.


Voice lessons are available at 2 locations in Houston. One studio is located in Southwest Houston and the other is in the 1960 area on the north side of Houston ( also serving Woodlands, Tomball and Spring )

$110.00 per month ***Set time each week / 4 times a month
For those who don't want to sign up for a regular weekly appointment
the cost for a 30 minute class is $35.00


Southwest Houston Studio
306 Walnut Bend Ln
Houston, Tx 77042

Woodlands / Spring / Tomball Studio (1960 Area)
5220 FM 2920
Spring,TX 77388

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